Vessel Traffic Systems require the integration and presentation of information from many different sources, including primary radar, AIS and CCTV. SPx software provides high-performance software components for system integrators to build integrated radar and video display applications. With its "modules of expertise" approach, the SPx software simplifies the addition of radar and camera display into new or existing applications.

The SPx software supports the capture of radar video from all major radar manufactures including Kelvin Hughes, Terma and Furuno. The HPx radar interface card interfaces to analogue radar, trigger and turning data, or where network radar video is available (for example Asterix format) this can be input directly into SPx. High quality software-based radar scan conversion creates one or more radar images that can easily be combined with charts and graphics from Windows or Linux application software. Primary radar tracking from SPx Server provides radar tracks that may be output into the client application, or may be fused with AIS data in the SPx software.

For camera video, the SPx AV software library combines capture, distribution and display of video with control of the camera. A flexible software library is provided, allowing a range of devices to be supported and handled with a common programming interface. By employing the resources of the graphics processor unit (GPU) in modern desktop PCs, the software supports high-performance video compression, decompression and overlay generation.

The capabilities of the SPx software are available to VTS system developers as either a development kit, SPx for radar and SPx AV for video, or as RadarView, which is a complete ready-to-run Windows application. The RadarView software supports the display of multiple radar videos, with the capability to display maps, electronic charts, AIS targets, tracks and video from multiple camera sources.

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